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Testimonials from users of the TAILWHEEL TRANSPORTER towbar

Testimonials for Tailwheel Transporter Website from 2010 - 2020

Hi Dan. Received my Transporter HD in perfect condition. Had it assembled and functional in about 10 min. 
What a wonderfully designed and manufactured device. It is actually overbuilt and promises to provide many years of trouble free service. 
I have 29" low pressure Tundra tires on my Just SuperStol....so a lot of "drag" involved. I can move it easily in and out of the hangar safely, quickly and with no stress on the airplane or me. The four tires on the "HD" make the airplane extremely stable pushing out, pulling in or turning on a sloped ramp. 
I am enclosing some pictures of N106PV and highly recommend your product for all models of JustAircraft. 
Thanks again and happy flying,

My Marquart MA-5 Charger homebuilt biplane is tightly parked in a crowded hangar and the ready maneuverability of the Tailwheel Transporter has reduced a delicate two-man job into an easy one-man job.

Garth Elliot
Ontario, Canada.

Here are a few pictures for you. Its a 1600 Lb. Cessna 150. Your transporter makes moving my airplane a breeze.

Don Dugas
Cessna 150 Tail Dragger N150RD

I received the "Tailwheel Transporter" yesterday (super fast shipping) and assembled it this morning (15-20 minutes). It is an excellent tool that is very well constructed and the finish is very nice as well. I am an A&P/IA and well able to weld a tail wheel mover but I don't think I would be ahead of your product moneywise. I am using it on my '46 Taylorcraft and as soon as I get a good picture I will email it down. Thanks for a great product!

Paul Girard
Girard Aircraft Services
Sonora, CA


I received the Transporter today and I wanted to share with you some of my initial impressions. When I removed the Transporter from the box I was surprised by how substantial the unit was. The video and pictures did not convey to me what a strong and well built unit it seems to be. The Transporter appears to be extremely stout. Nor did I realize that the unit was as large as it is. Clearly it is more than up to the job of moving my 1,500 lb. C140A around. The assembly went without any difficulty and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I tried the unit on my airplane and it worked perfectly the first time. I am quite impressed with how rugged the unit is. My guess is it will outlast me!

Hilton Head Island, SC


Got in the other day. Looks and works great! I'll try to remember to take a photo of it "working" and send it to you!

Hixon, TN


Mr. Perry,

I received my Tailwheel Transporter and it is everything your company says it was. I am very satisfied with your product.

Sam Henderson.
River Flight Inc.
Huntsville, AL




Really happy with Tailwheel Transporter and my Searey.  Going to send you a series of emails with various pics that you can use on your website if you choose. 


Tom P.

Eden Prairie, MN

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