Airplanes compatable with the TAILWHEEL TRANSPORTER taildragger tow bar

Here is a partial list of compatible airplanes.  These are some of the more popular, but the Tailwheel Transporter taildragger towbar will accommodate many other certified and homebuilt aircraft.  Please call or email if you have questions.

Aeronca 7AC Champ

Aeronca 7DC

Aeronca 7FC

Aeronca 11AC Chief

Aeronca 15AC Sedan

American Champion Citabria

American Champion Super Decathlon

Cessna 120

Cessna 140

Citabria 7 Series

Cub Crafters

Luscombe 8 Series

Piper J3

Piper J5

Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser

Piper PA-18 Super Cub






Taylorcraft BC-12D

Taylorcraft L-2

Extra 300

AND MANY OTHERS.  Call or email for more information.

SORRY:  We  do not recommend the TAILWHEEL TRANSPORTER for:

Cessna 170

Cessna 180/185


Aviat Husky

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